The Way We Were.

In Gap tee, Topman jeans and bag, M&S shades and my first leather shoes

I didn’t go to MIFW last week. First of all because my editor thought that I would be busy with my teaching job for the whole week so she didn’t bother to ask me to go with her. I was busy but I can always fake an MC or something if she was really serious about it!

Ha-ha very funny…

But the truth is I have a group of very important people that I had to meet; my best friends of course. I’ll say no to MIFW, NYFW or even Karl Lagerfeld for them. I haven’t seen Shikin for almost three months because of this little ‘thing’ that happened last September. It was all behind us now but I kept on telling her how much I missed her and annoyed her by singing Barbara Streisand’s The Way We Were. Same goes with Sharina and Bayne whom I met only on several occasions for the past three or four months. But Hanis is a different case because she lives like nine hours away from us with her husband. So I guess a few occasional phone calls will do.

We’re best friends since uni. I know that we can’t always be around each other the whole time. But when we are, it feels like nothing have ever changed and we’re still the loud, gossipy, giggly teenagers that we used to be.

Cheers for our friendship!

Song playing inside my head: Ke$ha’s TiK ToK


Anonymous said…
love the pictureof u guys. ada reflection.
H&F said…
hahaha! i put the camera on sharina's car.
Who is that pretty girl in green
H&F said…
My friend. My best friend.