The Weekend

Tee from Cheap Monday, jeans and canvas bag from Topman, shoes from Fourskin and shades from M&S

Green Lantern tee from DC, old green cardie, cheap black jeans and graphic bag from Topman

Last weekend, I finally managed to spend some time with a couple of friends around KL. I've been working, writing and travelling back and forth to my hometown a lot since last month. It's been too long since the last time I went out shopping.

I've just started this new job and I am still financially 'shaky'. So I didn't really get to spend a lot last week. But I couldn't resist this very cute black and white Cheap Monday tee that found at Tang's. I know white makes me look fat, but I'll just suck in my guts or not eat for the whole day when I'm wearing the tee. OK, I'm kidding!

But it was lovely to see Wafi, Fyza and Anne again. I'm still waiting for Shikin to call me but that's a whole different story altogether.
And yes, I cut my hair.

Song playing inside my head: Lisa Hanigan's Oceans and A Rock