Roisin Murphy at Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010 show
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I've been thinking lately. It will be nice to have my own domain name instead of using this one by blogspot. Nice people at Exabytes are currently offering this service along with a free 8Gb Pendrive. I don't know... I was just thinking. In fact I have so many things on my plate these days. A lot of decision making to be done. As for this weekend:
  1. I already RSVP for Topman Party at Zouk later on at 7.30pm. But from the look of things over here (at work), I don't think I can make it=(

  2. New Emmagem's article is due tomorrow yet I haven't even started my research. I think I'll write about Viktor & Rolf or something. Katy Perry was wearing the dress at EMA

  3. My cousin is getting married this Sunday and I have to be there, which can onlymean one thing; one-hour train ride.

  4. Fabulous gift for my sister's newborn baby.

  5. A seven days worth of dirty laundry to be done

  6. This guy who keeps bugging me about a job offer with his "company", although I am not too sure whether the company really exists

  7. Promised Wafi to watch 2012 tomorrow, but still have to be at work up until 10 pm

So yes... My job is killing my social life. But there's nothing else that I can do. I still need to eat, drink 15 bucks coffee and pay my bills.


Song playing inside my head: Roisin Murphy's Orally Fixated (Download HERE for FREE)


ladycooper said…
Movie Day with Exabytes in 1 Utama?
Just curious what stop you to migrate from blogspot to your own hosted domain?
At Exabytes, we offer 100 days money back guarantee, you just signup and use our service. Incase you are not satisfied with our server, we give you full money back without question asked.
Give it a try.
H&F said…
That would be nice.. I'll think about it..