I didn't step out of the house for 3 days!

With my besties a couple of weeks ago wearing Cotton On tee, Topman jeans, Reebok high-tops and Warehouse bag

I spent the long weekend at my parents’ instead of out partying for Christmas. The truth is, I was such a mess and needed a few days at home to straighten myself out. I skipped my best-friend’s engagement ceremony for one whole day of staring blankly at the TV set. I wanted to be there so badly but I just couldn’t bring myself to brave the crowd and take the two-hour trip back to the city.

I’m just exhausted…

This whole minor breakdown thing is the outcome of starting a new job (first couple of weeks always difficult, I know), my empty wallet, lack of sleep, skin breakout as a result of that and my poor judgment on human characters that leads me to sharing a house with a half-blind, overweight and equally annoying she-male.

But friends, I don’t want to talk about that because I won’t allow someone who looks like a pile of shit to make me feel bad anymore. Gosh I hate him… her or whatever!

I just want to look forward to 2010 because 2009 has taken a lot from me. I have pretty much spent the whole year walking around aimlessly feeling worthless and stupid. I can’t wait for 2010, another chance to make it right…

New article on Facebook is out Emmagem. Read it HERE. Many thanks to my editor for her inputs and ideas=)

Song playing inside my head: Shakira's Did It Again