I Got New Shoes On...

Time for a haircut! At KLCC wearing Gap tee, purple Topman super-skinny jeans, vintage necklace, rings, vintage men clutch and Bonia lace-up ankle boots

Did some shopping and New Year planning with Mandy on Sunday. She's leaving for her hometown on the 23rd. I still don't know what to get her for Xmas.

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And today is my last day here at this language school. As any other previous jobs that I walkaway from, I always have mixed feelings. But its okay. At least I know that I'm moving on.

I broke the news to the students last week. They were not happy but they'll get over it soon. I'm not really a good teacher anyway. Ha-ha!

Song playing inside my head: Songs from Norah Jones' awesome new album The Fall.

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hi mandy!!!