New Moon and New Shoes

1.Wearing tee by J.Crew, cuffed jeans by Topman, Reebok Sir Jam Mid St. Patrick's Day Edition and vintage rings and bracelets 2.Wearing tee by Obey, grey jeans by Topman, Reebok Sir Jam Mid St. Patrick's Day Edition, vintage rings and bracelets and canvas bag by Topman

I ran home from work like a mad person last Saturday because Wafi and Anne bought the midnight show tickets for New Moon. I was drenched in sweat and it was as if like my t-shirt was plastered on my skin when I get there. I sat next to Anne and she kinda spoiled and shit all over the movie just because she already read the book...

Thanks Anne=)

Sunday at the same place but for different purpose this time with Nizam. I have just two words: SHOE SHOPPING! I finally bought the ankle black boots that I saw last month. I am wearing them right now in the office. They are just exactly the right size, design, color and most importantly, price. I can wear them with my skinny office pants as well as my skinny jeans. How cool is that?!

Next time I'll take the photo but as for now, I still love my Reeboks.

Ohh! And my new article on Chloe Sevigny is on Read it HERE.

Song playing inside my head: Basement Jaxx's Raindrops