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I browsed through the net and checked out some blogs and Facebook profiles. Man, I have to tell you! There's a lot of obsessing going on. There are people obsessing over their looks, a couple of way too overjoyed parents who share every single details about their first child, a newlywed obsessing over her husband and their so-called marital bliss and there are also those who are still in search for something to be obsessed with.

I'm obsessed with fashion for sure. But I don't think I can say that it's my reason to breathe because that is just a whole bunch of crap. This is not a runway show this is real life.

So next time when I talk about Gucci or Marc Jacobs...

You know it's not the only thing I got on my mind...

Song playing inside my head: Alicia Keys' Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart


Anonymous said…
wow. gambar itu.

so, what is my obsession hannef?
HNF said…
I dreamed of u last night u know. Maybe sebab I read ur blog earlier that day=)

Btw, ur obsessions will be anything that has to do with princess, fairy tales and of course pink.

And there's nothing wrong with that=)
Anonymous said…
u mimpi i? hehehe sweet. thanks HNF!

lama tak jumpa kan?
HNF said…
Been so long. I'm in KL. Let me know if u dtg sini.