One Decade

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a decade since the millennium and I still can't believe it.

I remember 2009 being quite a difficult year as I was struggling a lot with my life. I had a lot of confidence because I started off so well at the beginning, but ended up having my weakest emotional moment in like so many years. Then I started to reach out for my family and friends. They just never failed to keep me going.

So I want to have a better year and start over with a clean slate for 2010. It's a new decade, I have this new job, I am surrounded by these new group of people and I just don't want to limit myself the way that I did in 2009. I want to be free and go out there and do things!

**Read my review of Alicia Keys new LP, The Element of Freedom HERE and I just found out that Emmagem got a mention HERE on Star newspaper website! How cool is that?!


Anonymous said…
happy new year
HNF said…
Happy new year princess=)