Hangover is over

1 January 2010. Wearing J.Crew polo shirt

2 January 2010. Wearing cheap Padini slogan tee, Topman twister jeans, Reebok Sir Jam, Seed quilted bag and heavy accessories.
3 January 2010 wearing Gap tee, Forever 21 necklaces, Topman cuffed jeans Seed quilted bag, and Bonia ankle boots
On New Year's Eve with my former students. Wearing Energie tee, Topman graphic bag and Topman jeans.

Yeah, did a little bit of partying for 2010. I'm still waiting for the Port Dickson photos from Mandy (and yeah, we did go to the beach).

It was fun fun fun! No other words can describe it. But as for now I only have these snaps from my Blackberry.

They are kinda lame...

Gawd I can't wait to go back to the beach soon! (Baked skin, bleeding foot and all

P/S: New article on Emmagem is out. It's about It-bags. Read it HERE.

Song playing inside my head: Lady GaGa's Speechless