Weekend Diary

Wearing Topman tee

22 January 2010

I’ve been late for work every morning since last week. I arrived at least 30 minutes late and walked into my cubicle as if it was no one else’s business. This definitely has to change. I’ll go to bed earlier at night, get a new alarm clock… whatever it takes man! I want to keep this job alright!

So, I was late again this morning. I didn’t get any proper meal or cigarette for the rest of the day except for some coffee from the pantry and walnut bread I brought from home. I had to edit almost 50% of the exam paper I submitted last week (although she didn’t really say it to my face but I knew the principal hated it) and I have one article to upload before 5pm. I knew I wanted to write about Prada Men Fall/Winter 2010/2011 but had no research materials except for some pictures of the runway show from GQ website.

5.15 pm

Managed to finish the exam paper somewhere before 4pm and started working on the Prada article straight after that. The article is also now completed and currently waiting for my editor’s approval.

If it’s already on Emmagem, you can read it HERE

So I took the elevator down and leave the office for my hometown. A few train rides later and here I am.

Home again, for the rest of the weekend…

P/S:Is it too obvious that I've been reading Bridget Jones's Diary again?

Song playing inside my head: Rachel & Finn’s Don’t Stop Believin’