Alexander McQueen Ad

Feels like 'Bad Romance' all over again

Photo from GaGa Daily

I know some of my friends will freak when they see this ad. Haha!

I've been all over the place since last week. If only I were one of those freaks with two thousand dollars camera dangling around my neck, I will have like thousands of photos to show here.

It's been great, aside from my neverending whine about my low-salary and the fact that my dad was hospitalized few days ago. But he's okay now, at home getting some rest.

I leave my office at 5.30pm everyday. Have you seen that Natalie Imbruglia video 'Counting Down The Days'? That's pretty much how my days have been for the past 3 or 4 months. It's just that I'm not really counting down the days for anything.

I have to admit the fact that it can get kinda lonely living like this sometimes.

No wonder people are getting married...


Song playing inside my head: Jezmine Sullivan's Bust Your Window (thanks to Glee!)