Please Please Please...

At The Pavillion wearing J.Crew tee, Topman jeans, Heritage @ Forever 21 hoodie, Reebok backpack, three point six high-tops and stacked rings from Diva and Padini

The students are having their exams and I have prepared three different sets of exam papers, which is sooo fuckin unbelieveable! I did it all within just a couple of days!

Articles at Emmagem have been getting good review from my editor and good comments from the readers, which is awesome. I have Nicole, the makeup artist extraordinaire to thank for the two-part interview that we did through emails few weeks back.

Read the interview HERE and HERE

I am soooo-going to get a new laptop and internet connection. It's just impossible to imagine a writer living without a laptop. But ya know what? That is exactly how thing has been since last year.

But I did make my friends call me Carrie Bradshaw and Nick Hornby at the same time=)



Song playing inside my head: The Smith's Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want


Anonymous said…
well done on your articles.

new lappy? cool!!!!
HNF said…
Thx sweetie!

It's part of the plan lah=)