Beach On New Year

Sand in my shoes

I remember going for a huge New Year's Eve party about a couple of months ago...and I can also still remember clearly the day at the beach that we had the morning after.

It was a great start for 2010.

Fast forward to the month of March... I still feel the same although for the past few weeks I managed to do all these:
  1. Made peace with a friend after several months of silence=)

  2. Went to Penang for work without spending a dime on anything but food

  3. Contributed a whoping 10 articles for Emmagem in February

  4. Watched (50) Days of Summer (Yes, I'm a little bit behind when it comes to movies)

  5. Prepared three different sets of exam papers for three different groups of students

  6. 'Unfriended' all those annoying attention seekers on Facebook and move on to Twitter (follow me HERE)

  7. Discovered this awesome Japanese shop at Sg. Wang (but I still think their killing of whale for meat is SICK)

  8. Listened to The Glitterati, Temper Trap, The Smiths, Biffy Clyro, Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Sons, Sade and The XX everyday whenever I had the chance to because they're good for the soul (So click click click)

  9. Confirmed my tickets to Placebo with Shikin. In fact, have bought new jeans for the occasion=)

  10. Listed down my spending especially when I go OOC on weekends

So now, could we go to the beach again please?

Song playing inside my head: The Glitterati's Keep Me Up All Night


Anonymous said…
Nice beach picture!!!
HNF said…
I wanna go to the beach everyday if possible=)