The One About Namecalling

Canvas bag that I customized with my Dad's badge

Topman jeans and Bonia lace-up boots

What I wore to our Middle Eastern dinner yesterday

I decided to spend the better half of my weekends at my parents’ in my attempt to keep my spending to the minimal. But guess who was there? My cousin. I didn’t expect her to be there at all! Y’all know how I always have this little issue with my relative right? Honestly, I was not at all excited to see this girl. I did say ‘hi’ but that was it because seriously, she might not be my most favorite person in the world but ‘rude’ was not really what I was going for.

It was very awkward unlike the way it used to be back then. We were like childhood best friends. We played house together, stayed up late on school nights, laughed at the fact that we all ate a lot and called each other’s names. And I have to tell you that it was some really bad names that we used to call on one another…

So yesterday in between Project Runway All Star and ENews, my cousin called me with ‘that’ name. That very same name from what seems like millions of years ago.

And just like that I started to laugh and accepted her offer to drive me to the train station the next day…

Are we like BFFs again now? Nah!

But do I hate her?


Song playing inside my head: The Glitterati's Keep Me Up All Night