Envy Me

In Penang wearing Topman tee, skinny jeans, graphic bag, Heritage at F21 cardie and Reebok shoes

Photo of Penang is finally here. We didn't go crazy on picture snapping because after one whole day of doing my booth bitch routine, the last thing I wanted to do was to capture my weary-looking face on camera.

We did go around town for some good Penang food but got lost a couple of times (thanks to my friend's GPS) and ended up at Chilli's at Gurney Walk instead of one of those scrumptious asam laksa stalls.

So I went all the way to Penang to eat at Chilli's, alright!?

That and also the the fact that shopping was never really on the list.

Which was a total bitch...

But I love Penang. I love the whole idea of living in an island, seeing tourist with their tops off and having to cross the bridge to get to KL.

Song playing inside my head: Ingrid Michaelson's Givin Up