History Lesson

In front of the famous Bibik Neo restaurant wearing H&M tee,Topman skinnies and Cotton On flip-flops

My fave rings: vintage, gift from friend and 'The Elephant' from F21

I've always loved Malacca for its history and the Nyonya food.

Jonker Street bazaar, the red building thing (I still don't know the name) and the rickshaws with all the flowers and loud booming speakers with the tackiest of the tackiest Malay songs on repeat.

Our hotel was crappy though...and it rained most of the time...

But still I think holiday in Malaysia is just fine. I'm not saving for any overseas trip at the moment.

On my way back in Gap and M&S

But Paris is not at all a bad idea=)

Song playing inside my head: Bush's Glycerine


Anonymous said…
I love Malacca too=)
HNF said…
Hahah=) Impromptu vacation.