Placebo Live In Kuala Lumpur

Photo from HERE

I love the video installation in the background

I haven't been to that many live concerts. I kinda prefer to just hang out or dancing my ass off at the club instead. But I just knew that I couldn't afford to miss the Placebo when a friend told me that they're coming down to KL. I still remember coming home from school listening to their songs particularly 'Every You, Every Me', 'Bitter End' and 'Nancy Boy'. But my fave is their remake of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'. I do have their 2009's Battle For the Sun on my I-Tunes but I somehow feel more connected with the songs from their previous albums like 'Sleeping With Ghost', 'Without you I'm Nothing' and 'Black Market Music'.

The concert was on Tuesday. So I went to work as usual and changed into my Placebo-concert-outfit as soon as the clock struck at five. Ha-hah!=)

These are all of course taken with shitty BB camera

It started around 9pm with opening performance by The Twilight Actiongirl. But the only song that I can remember from their set was Kings of Leon's 'Sex On Fire'.

I didn't know what to expect when the band finally took the stage after that. I was not sure whether Brian Molko will scream 'Apa khabar Malaysia' after each songs or will he share another passionate kiss with the guitarist, Stefan Olsdal.

It turned out there was not that much of talking and rambling. Music pretty much did the whole talking (and kissing) part. And as the younger crowds started to sing-along to songs from the current album, I started to pray that there will be songs from their late 90s albums.

Gawd I am soooo-last century!
The concert outfit: Buffalo by David Bitton hoodie, Topman pink-snake tee, Topman skinny jeans, Seed bag and Chuck Taylors to jump around freely in=)

Thank God they did sing songs like 'Bitter End', 'Infra-red', 'Song to Say Goodbye', 'Soulmates' and 'Taste In Men'. Was crossing my fingers for 'Running Up That Hill' but I kinda knew it was not going to happen. Ha-ha!

I hope they'll swing by KL again and maybe they'll do 'Running Up That Hill' especially for me.