Please Make Me Over

I’ve been buying all these backdated magazines lately. I guess I’ve been so bored and I’m just too cheap to fork out RM36 for a new issue of Esquire UK. Reading all these magazines (I swear by Vogue UK, Esquire UK, US GQ, Dazed & Confused, Details and sometimes Elle and Harper’s Bazaar) makes me feel inspired to change and improve this little ‘magazine’ of mine that I called ‘Fash-un-able’.

I started this blog in 2007 with very little direction of what it was going to be about. I’ve been changing things and the look of this blog along with my discovery of other awesome blogs like Jak&Jil, KateLovesMe, Fashion Squad and The Selby. I started to lose focus and realize how I’ve been uploading more photos and writing only a few lines of words to go along with it.

If it’s not for ‘Fash-un-able’ I don’t think I will be writing for Emmagem now. Although some people might not share the same excitement as I do, and they say Emmagem is no TiC, I’m still happy now that I get to share my thoughts with a larger group of audience as opposed to just close friends and some people that I went to the uni with.

So now I’m thinking about changing ‘Fash-un-able’ again. After all, this is about fashion and it is ever-changing. I want to ditch all the nonsense and start over. I don’t really want to talk about it but I just have to say that ‘Fash-un-able’ will no longer scream ME!ME!ME! like it used to. This time around it’s more about Carrie B than BryanB.

Stay tune!

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Anonymous said…
ur changing the blog??? ok.. cant wait for the new blog.
HNF said…
I want to write more. Instead of just a photo of half naked models and a couple of lines of words.