About Friends and Sex and The City 2 Excitement

I have always been single. In fact, the idea of me being in any kind of relationship has never really crossed my mind. Even my friends have always seen me as the free, unattached and forever available kinda guy. So they call me up just to hang out, they text me at night to tell me how sucked their days were and they send me photos of dresses so I can choose the best to go with their heels.

So I believe that I am a good friend.

But what if someday, I am no longer free, unattached and available? Who are they gonna call? Hmmm...

Well while you guys think about it, last week I actually learned that:

1.Lady Gaga’s Telephone has climbed up the chart although it was not really my fave song from ‘Fame Monster’

2.The right way to iron a shirt is by starting from the collar

3.American Idol is sooo-desperate to get the rating going, they called Miley Cyrus to step in and mentor the contestants.

4.A friend, who had been missing from my life for almost four months texted me yesterday and told me that she bought something from Jakarta for me.

5.School kids wearing their cheap Sg.Wang PVC jackets in Bukit Bintang are delusional.

6.Vans high-tops hurt like hell! How can they skate in those torture devices?

7.I need to be at work earlier everyday and try to get more things done everyday. Sorry Dr.F

8.Delphic is quite an awesome band

9.You can actually wear your Barbies. I wrote about it HERE

10.Victoria Beckham is an okay designer. I wrote about it HERE

All these talks about friends get me even more excited about SATC 2! Forgot the date? Click HERE. And the book of course. I’ve always been curious about Carrie’s life before New York. I only know this much:

::Carrie moved to NY when she was about 18.

::She wore Candie’s and took the subway when she first moved to the city

::Her father left her and her mother when she was five

::Had one abortion in the 80’s

::She was not brought up religiously

::Lost her virginity to Seth Bateman in 11th grade

Read more about this female version of me HERE and HERE

Ooh btw, I was just teasing you moron! I'm still here and single mmmkay?!

Call me to hang out.

Song playing inside my head: Delphic's Halcyon


tess said…
weh anep...ko takde YM ke?
HNF said…
ada. viva_lask8er. add me up=)