Before I Forget

With our personal aerobic instructor. Wearing tee by Cotton On, skinny jeans from Topman, Reebok trainers and backpack

This week I'm planning to spend the weekends at my parents'. I need a little bit of 'me' time to just relax, get enough sleep for the first time in like five weeks and try not to think about my life here in the city.

I also need to get ready for the following weekends. I got BIGGER things lined up=)

I finished two articles about fake goods on Emmagem. One of them made it to eHomemakers website (They don't pay but..yay!) My friends know where I stand on this issue. I never own anything fake and have no intention of doing so soon. Because I know where those fake Gucci came from and I know the real cost of each items... They are the fruit of labor from people who are forced to work long hours and kids being kept hostage in dark factories. Most of them are not being paid accordingly for their hard labor.

It's crazy...

Exacly the same way that I feel about the killing of dolphins in Japan.

Do something about the dolphins HERE

Read the articles HERE and HERE

P/S: That's why I'm not a huge fan of Petaling Street.

Song playing inside my head: Kelis' Acapella


Anonymous said…
i hate the japanese for killing the dolphins and whales.

i hate the canadians for killing the seals.
HNF said…
Don't forget to sign the petition on the website sweetie=)