The Gatsby Street Party Thing

The fake mountain that you can climb to get coupons

Wearing tee from Jasper Conran at Debenhams, Topman skinny jeans, Seed quilleted bag, Bonia lace-up boots and necklace from F21.This is after the event but who cares=)

I did go to the Gatsby Street Party last Saturday. The only thing is by the time I got there, it was already 12pm! The thing started at 10am... But c'mon! Tell me. Who wake up at 10am on Saturday?

So I missed the part when they give away certificates from Malaysia's Book of Record for 'The Biggest Blogger's Gathering'. Who cares if I was not part of it. At least I got my 8 hours of sleep=)

Some of the games

It was such a bitch that I forgot to pay my phonebill and my phone was barred the day before the event. So, I didn't get to call and tell my plus one the details of the event.

I ended up going alone.

It was quite a huge affair with all these bloggers wearing red tees from the organizer, which I refused to wear because I hate red. Who the fuck do I think I am right?


I knew none of the bloggers but all of them seemed very warm and friendly. I did try some of the games and collected 6 points which I later redeemed for a bottle of deodorant (Exactly!). I tried to talk to as many Nuffnang people as possible because I remember my editor telling me to build as many contacts as possible.

So I name-dropped Emmagem and slipped my namecard into those people's pocket at all given chance.

Felt like I was at the carnival

Didn't win the lucky draw either. I listened to the announcement from Krispy Kream while having my breakfast and so-called morning ciggies. I just couldn't shake off the thoughts of winning one of those laptops and digital cameras.

If only it was name that they were calling...

Song playing inside my head: She & Him's Sentimental Heart

Note: Here come the good new. This came through email just now (4/20/2010)

"Thank you for participating in the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair! We had a great time there setting the record for the Largest Bloggers' Gathering for the Malaysia Book of Records, and we hope you did too.

For those of you who did not manage to arrive in time or did not make it for the event, we're sorry that you missed out on the fun! We also regret that we will not be able to credit the RM 50 cash incentive to your Nuffnang account."

GREAT! Just great=)