I Love My Job! Really? Like Seriously?

Joseph Gordon Levitt from GQ
It has been okay despite the shady existence of some ancient backstabbers, moronic fixtures and some gossipy students. I'm not jumping off with joy from my comfy chair (yes they let us lecturers sit in this very nice, black leather chairs here) but I'm just grateful that I have something to look forward to when I get off from bed every morning.

At my desk in my dad's shirt and Topman cardie

I try to have my shirts pressed properly the night before and get my shoe-guy to shine my shoes every week. But I love, love, love Joseph Gordon-Levitt's look in the movie 500 Days of Summer. His knitted vests and cardigans, his brown Puma GV Special Light that he rocked with his khakis and messanger bag. I wish I could look like that every day.

Ohh! I love Will Schuster's look too! Read about it HERE

An extra pair of shoes

Blogging at the office... So wrong!

A bagful of exam papers to mark... Sigh..

And here are just some random photos of me in my cubicle. Students are in the middle of their exams. So I'm enjoying extensive hours without any teaching to do.

Good times=)

Song playing inside my head: The Beatles' Come Together