So flowers really make people smile? Is it true if we're lucky enough they'll even throw in some kisses?

There was no flower bouquet greeting me at the front door when I went back home last weekend. But I could tell that my parents were very happy to see me. the only thing that matters.

It was rather short although there was nothing much to do around the house except for eating, sleeping and watching too much of bad television. I wish I could stay longer. Going back home has always been like my detox. Getting rid of all the negative energy from this city.

Talking about negative energy, one of my housemate has moved out. So excited about that. In fact, I was actually counting on it. Got this new housemate who moved in last week and claimed to be an art teacher. But I don’t really care, just as long as you pay the rent and all the bills. The selfish Indonesian student (my other housemate. Yes, I have two! Apartment in KL is not cheap ya know!) is currently in Jakarta for a few weeks. Another sigh of relief because I don’t have to feel guilty about turning up the volumes of my DVD just because I have a master degree students preparing for exams in the next room.

Oohh! I watched ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ again last night… The volume was at 20=)

Here are things that I learned last week:

  1. Sue will be singing 'Vogue' for Glee's The Power of Madonna episode
  2. Henry Holland and BryanBoy have been in KL since last weekend. But both have been ignoring my tweets to meet them. Bah!
  3. Added Album of the Week icon on the right hand side of this page.
  4. I'm soooo fat that I think I've sworn off rice forever!
  5. Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton are broke and pretty much at the lowest points of their career.
  6. My nephews rummaged through stuff in my room and broke my fave camera necklace. And that is the reason why I will never have kids...
  7. Cut-off denim is the HOTTEST thing for this summer. I'm cutting my old jeans as I'm writing this.
  8. Nizam is leaving any day now... Who am I going to talk into buying expensive stuff after this!?
  9. Some people can fake interest. Pretending to lurrve something just to prove their 'points'

L and M circa 1994. Photo from HERE

10. Sharina said she always pictures me walking in New York. God bless her. She's such a darling. I hope we'll be walking the sidewalks of NYC together. I will be in Ralph Lauren and she'll be in DVF=)

Last year with Sharina wearing tee by Replay. Photo by Bayne

Song playing inside my head: Marina & The Diamonds' I'm Not A Robot


kin said…
time ni ko kacak b'gaya weh.
Anonymous said…
i want to walk the street of NYC with u guys too!
HNF said…
Thanks Kin

Sure Hana=)I can see u wearing Miu Miu.
its true, flowers do make people smile. . .well at least for me it does.
HNF said…
Camelias have that effect on me=)

thx 4 stopping by, sweetie.