My Musical

Photo from Vogue

I'm not in the greatest place to be right now. But it's fine. I learn to make myself happy and learn to sing as loud as I could when I feel like giving up.

The constant drama in this life should someday find its way to the cinema or TV screen. I'm sick of it but it keeps on following me. So I play along with the hope of emerging as a hero at the end of each scene... like a musical but with crazier costumes. Ha-ha!

It's such a bitch that my housemate is moving out at a very short notice. I try to smile and have Hole's Violet (the angriest song I could think of) playing inside my head while contemplating burning and throwing his stuff out of the window.

C'mon! Aren't this supposed to be a musical? Might as well have some elements of violence in it!


Anonymous said…
i sing too when i feel sad and givip up. ur not allone. i feel u
HNF said…
Angry songs! Or the ridiculously catchy pop stuff.. Hana, ur xtina has a new album out, 'Bionic'. Check it out.