Pagan Poetry

Bjork's 2001 music video for Pagan Poetry caused a hell lot of a stir in the industry back then. MTV banned it of course and people were outraged by its graphic content of sex particularly the beginning of the music video which shows images of sexual acts like fellatio and vaginal penetration recorded privately by Bjork herself. But in the final cut of the video, everything was shown in computer graphic animation.

The video also shows disturbing images of body piercing and how tiny little pearls are sewn all over Bjork's body. She wore what was supposed to be a wedding dress by the late Alexander McQueen (RIP) which covers only the lower part of her body.

Although most of the close up images of the piercing was done on casted girls' body, Bjork did have her ear pierced on the set.

The strongest visual image in this video has got to be the final part when three hoops were pierced through the back of a woman's body with pearl-chain passes through each of them in criss-crossing pattern.

And they said that the song is about a woman preparing herself for marriage.



byni said…
Anonymous said…
urghh painful...
HNF said…
The song is quite nice tho.. I love Bjork. She's crazy but she's just doing things that is familiar to her. Being a weirdo lah=)