Repressed Anger

Only hot supermodel-type can do this and get paid
Backstage at Frankie Morello show
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If you people have been following my tweet, you must have noticed that I have been tweeting angry messages since yesterday for no reason. I think I'm going crazy...

Today is just another day at the office. My fellow English lecturer is on leave, I have a meeting later on at 12 and a class at 2 and I'm craving for some nicotine flow in my system... I'm ok despite having a memo on the table about my teaching evaluation. Not going to go into details but just fuck it! Come on! I know myself so well. I've been me for almost three freakin' decades now...

You don't have to keep telling me because I know that I'm a lousy teacher. Even when students said that they like me... Nothing to do with my teaching. I have to thank my goddamn personality for that.

I'm happy that I, at least have a job. But this is shit..

What am I supposed to do now? Wake up late every morning, throw on cardigan because my shirts are all crinkly and have cigarette and coffee just to come in 15 minutes late for the class at 11?

This is shit... Whatever it is that I'm doing right now.

Song playing inside my head: Coldplay and Kylie's Lhuna


Kin said…
wat the?
HNF said…
Don't ask, Don't tell..
tess said…
amcm dgn RHB aritu?