Their Bliss

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Spent the long weekend in my hometown. I used to go back every other week. But these days, my parents only get to see me once a month. I love spending time at home with them. I just don't like the long journey getting there. All these weird people in the commuter train sometimes really make me nervous.

I missed my friend's sister's wedding on Saturday. I think I'm doing him a favor by not turning up because if I did, he had to leave the ceremony and fetch me at the station. Which is ridiculous because he was supposed to be there the whole time. It's his sister's wedding for godsake!

But honestly, I'm not a huge fan of wedding. Not because I'm bitter and my parents are divorced (they've been married for 40 years now), but it's just really not my thing. I regret the fact that I missed my friend Hanis' wedding last year tho'. But this has nothing to do with that. At that time I had just moved to KL, started a new job at the crappy language centre and was a huge ball of mess emotionally. Squeezing a wedding in between those itinerary was a bit too much to handle at that time.

I'm not trying to be such a bitch about this but I've watched far too many movies that end with a wedding. And that wedding was supposed to be THE happy ending? Well I don't know about that... I'm not in the position to even talk about wedding and marriage alright!

What really matters right now is my friend has been married to her husband for one year. She's happy. Maybe it is the happy ending for her movie.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary sweetie=)
And I'm sorry I missed your sister's wedding Mr. Warfff. I know you can't stay angry for too long=)

Song playing inside my head: Jenny Lewis' Acid Tongue