The Climb Party

I was wearing sweater from Seed, jeans from Topman, clear specs from F21 and vintage clutch
Our accessories are from Paris except for my stacked rings from Diva

The Climb party organized by Martell celebrates the rising talent of Malaysia's entertainment scene. Will Quah, Martell VSOP Rising Personality of 2010 was there and he performed one of the cover versions that I've heard in Glee. Not too sure which one tho'. I missed it because I had to go throw up in the toilet...

Ohh! And Chelsia Ng, the actress sang Duffy's Mercy which was quite alright. She looked pretty neat too.

The thing is, we arrived kinda too early for the event. So I started to enjoy a little bit too much of the cocktails way too early. Heheh.

Overall it was a simple party. The atmosphere was great, pleasant group of people and nice goody bags. They even have seperate for men and women with complimentary accessories from Sze.

Left the memory stick of my camera in my other bag because I was trying to be all stylish and elegant with my vintage clutch that evening. So I had to resort to the shitty BB camera for photos.

But you people can always go HERE and HERE to see BETTER photos of the event.
Song playing inside my head: M.I.A's XXXO