Last week in Topman neon green tee and jeans, Heritage F21 hoodie, Reebok backpack and trainers.

I'm feeling so fat lately. Well actually, I know for sure that I AM fat because my bathroom scale seems to agree with me. But getting thin is as much of a hard work as trying to get rid of a tattoo. It's all about the changing of attitude and rethinking of so many things that we have been so used to in our lives. Like a tattoo on the wrist that you look at everyday, that extra hours of sleep on weekends and the coconut cake at Delicious.

I love all my pants to be skinny and my shirts have always been either tight or small. But I kinda have extra fleshes hanging in places that I never expected them to be now. I guess to compromise on that, I have been wearing a lot of black lately. Although I know that 80s-style white tshirts with black and white graphic is all the rage right now.

I hate to talk about losing weight because I hate it when people do it on Facebook and Twitter. But I guess that is in a weird stupid way, their motivation to do it. If it works for them, then go ahead and purge it all up the Facebook wall.

I know for a fact that I can lose like 20 pounds in a week if I wanted to (although it's disgusting and very unhealthy mind you...). It's just that I feel like I don't care as much as I used to. It's always like, "My ass is huge? Alright I'll wear a long cardigan". Or "What! My stomach is hanging from above my jeans? OK. I'll wear this oversized Gap then"

But still there's nothing funny about being fat. I hate it. But the problem is I hate oatmeal and starving too...

Song playing inside my head: Hole's Skinny Little Bitch