Insert Title

Blue-eyed snake from Diva
Wearing Topman tee and jeans, Bonia shoes, vintage clutch

Was not trying to be all smart or tongue in cheek about the title. I'm just running out of idea. Afterall this is like my entry no. 400 or something.

Been looking forward for the weekend since Monday of last week. Watching TV and reading 'The Lovely Bones' at home was no longer fun after doing it for three days straight.

Attended a party on Friday, which I will write about later. I got home feeling all hammered but I was all smiles-inside out. Hahah!

We got a little lost on Saturday looking for a place to eat after the usual dose of retail therapy.

The truth is I kinda hate the idea of going shopping when I'm feeling down because I know I'll buy things that I don't need and willing to pay ridiculous amount of money for the most ridiculous crap that I'll only regret about later. It's not retail therapy when you do that! You're just being an emotional shopper who tries to trade your emotional baggage for some Fendi baguettes or whatever that you think is a good enough substitute for that.

I was not shopping for temporary emotional high for sure. 'Diva' was having a sale and I grabbed this very ethnic cobra necklace which I think is phenomenal. That and the long-awaited 'The Carrie Diaries' of course.

Looks like someone's going to be at home for the whole day trying to finish it...

Song playing inside my head: Christina Aguilera's Woo-hoo