Lost Photos

Wearing a 10-dollar striped tee, bag from Seed and Casio watch

Wearing black tee from Gap, black skinnies from Topman, Reebok Sir Jam and Reebok backpack

Wearing tee from Cotton On, skinny jeans from Topman, my Dad's checked shirt

Wearing wide-neck tee and jeans from Topman, cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger and rings from F21

Random photos from last months that have passed the due date for publication. Ha-ha!

I wish I have more time to plan my outfit everytime I step out of the house. Lately, I just couldn't find enough time to do so. I've been grabbing stuff from inside and under my closet without too much effort.

I think that is quite obvious from the photos. Some outfits work and some just don't.

These days I'm not so much into necklace and bracelet. I love rings. Lots and lots of them.

Stacked and oversized.

Song playing inside my head: Placebo's Where Is My Mind