Work and Play

Necklace by Vincci, tee from Topman, jeans from Topman, bag from Seed and bracelet from H&M

I'm feeling sooo-uninspired right now. Can I just make a list of things that I did (way that I felt) last week?

Here goes:
  1. Watched Diary of A Wimpy Kid with a friend and friend of a friend. It was hillarious! I heard about the book from Shikin but never really bothered to check it out because I thought it's just one of those Garfield and Spongebob stuff that she's into. Yes, Shikin is NOT 12 years old.

  2. My article on Zachary Quinto was featured on this Russian website and it has received more comments that it did when it was first published on Emmagem. My friend asked me to get the Russians to pay but I said 'nothankyou'. It's a good exposure. So what the hell right?

  3. Finally done with The Lovely Bones. I waited almost a month to finish the book before I can finally watch the movie. It was disappointing tho'. They shortened the plot and changed it too much.

  4. There's a lot going on here at the office and as much as I hate to get caught in this whole office politics game, I am already in the middle of it. There's this lady who hates me sooo much, she refused me to invigilate her exam paper. Ha-ha! Don't care! Hate you thousand times moooooore!

  1. Shikin came back from Paris with a whole lot of accessories for me. Fabulous rings and scarf.
  2. Teaching local students is definitely easier compared to teaching those ***** idiots, but honestly I don't get the same amount of respect that I did from those foreigners. That and and also free Starbucks, expensive gifts and dinner treats=)

  3. I've been feeling tired lately and I've been late to work in the morning. See how 9-5 is not really my thing!

  4. I need to write more men's stuff for Emmagem and I need to send emails to recording companies for CDs pronto! I need new CDs for album review.

  5. There was this Biore Men's launch that I missed yesterday because I have to be at work...

  6. Search these three of the most OTT video of the month (or year?) on Youtube: Xtina's Not Myself Tonight, M.I.A's Born Free and B's Why Don't You Love Me? Make sure your mother is not watching.

Counting the days for SATC2=)

Song playing inside my head: Ke$ha's Your Love Is My Drug (none of those BlahBlah shit)


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Nice rainbow bracelet