AXE Launch

Fiza, I'm wearing white shirt from Pierre Balmain, skinny jeans from Topman and buckled boots from Hush Puppies, rings are from Diva and Paris=)

Strike One:Bikini babes!

Strike 2: Sexy secretaries!

Strike 3: Naughty Nurses!

Strike 4: Jungle fever!

Attended the AXE product launch last night at Euphoria M.O.S by invitation. Despite some wardrobe dilemmas between my friend and I, we got there surprisingly early for the party. I decided to channel my inner Hedi Slimane and opted for white shirt, skinny black jeans and boots ensemble; Dior Homme style. My plus one was not too far behind. She's effortlessly gorgeous anyways. (Thank you note on postcard sweetie...)

We've never been to M.O.S because Sunway is not really 'our side of the town'. But we fell in love with it instantly for the huge, skating rink-like dance floor. The X-shaped stage was in the middle with VIP lounge upstairs. Amber Chia, Will Quah and some other local celebs were there. Didn't get to really rub shoulders with them because I didn't event bother to go to the VIP area. We were down at the bar the whole night=)

The event started late. It was a little bit after 9pm when Serena C finally grabbed the mic for a sound check. Of course the event was all about the new men's deodorant body spray that comes in five different fragrances; Click, Dark Temptation, Pulse, Vice and Africa. Two of them were in my goodie bag=)

The event was quite okay. Nothing to shout about except for the exotic dancers who did five different sets which represents five different 'flavours' of AXE. In each set, the dancers pick one lucky guy to perform lap-dance on. We were there for the bikini, sexy secretaries, jungle fever and naughty nurses but missed the last one, policewomen because it was already 11pm and we haven't eaten anything since morning. I was trying to keep my tummy flat, which didn't really work as you can see from the photos. Thanks partly to my bulky white shirts... and my fat stomach of course.

The DJ song selection was kinda lame. Maybe it was just me. But I think the only highlight of his set was Calvin Harris's Flashbacks, the only song that I really danced to.

"Why can't you realize I'm fighting for my life. Woah oh oh oh..."

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Anonymous said…
last pic: nampak toilet bowl yg berdiri tu. ahha