Biotherm Homme Absolute Power to Score Party

The crowds

I was in shirt by Springfield, skinny jeans and bracelets from Topman and the shoes are vintage

After so many changes of plan, I made it to the party last weekend. I kinda double-booked myself again because I was also supposed to be at the Choon's Award at Passion. But I decided on Biotherm because I know that I can use this for my article this week. Free cocktails, samples and article of the week? How could I say no?!

Although football is not really my thing, I was there to support the launch of the new product from Biotherm which is the Aquapower Absolute Gel, which is a non-greasy, transparent moisturising gel suitable for normal & combination skins or younger skin types. It's good that they are launching the product now when we are all still in the World Cup fever. You know how all the football-crazed men out there are staying up night after night to watch the games? And after a while,they will notice the tired effect it has on their skin. So what is the best thing to do? Reach out for Aquapower Absolute Gel to refresh and replenish the skin moisture level.

Back to the event. It was fun (read:free drinks!). And Nicole from Loreal was very sweet. She even got me drinks from the bar! But I didn't win the lucky draw, like always and I think I looked like deer caught in the headlight when they snapped my photo as I entered the room.

Need to work on that red-carpet pose.


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Song playing inside my head: TLC's Creep