Cheap coffee and Wholemeal Tuna Sandwich

Layered black and white tees from Gap, skinny jeans and bracelets from Topman, bag from Seed and boots from Hush Puppies

It's Friday! And what a week!

Things have been sooo crazy at the office. A lot of office politics goin on. People are screaming at one another, reports are being made and when nobody's looking, they are gossiping behind each others' back. I am kinda in the middle of it all. But I curse too much that I decided to just listen and leave all the story-telling to my colleague. Ha-ha!

I haven't been out for quite sometimes just simply because I'm broke. And friends have been so occupied with other things that even text messages seem impossible these days.

But next week is payday and I am sooo looking forward to that. I'm just sick of watching Astro with cheap coffee and wholemeal tuna sandwich for dinner at home. Feels like I'm in a rut.

I did leave the house yesterday to get my haircut tho'. The mohawk is much shorter now. But my colleague keep teasing me by calling me Rihanna.


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Song playing inside my head: Kelly Rowland's Commander