The One About Competition and Alejandro

Tee from Jasper Conran, jeans from Topman and rings from Diva and H&M

I spent most days at home last week. I hate staying at home but sometimes it's just hard to find any good enough reason to go out. I do go out and enjoy the city alone sometimes. But it's not something that I want to do very often because after awhile it just feels so strange.

Weekend is always the worst. Who wants to be alone on weekends? I simply jump at any opportunity to go out. Even to just accompany my friend collect some stuff that she bought online from a stranger in Shah Alam.

But last weekend was quite alright. No event, launch or party last week. Just days spent with good friends with some good food and serious overdose of retail therapy.

Here's a list of things from last week:

  1. Went for a job interview for a writing gig just to discover that I am competing for the position against The Star 2 writer and a recent college grad who wore ridiculous tie but sounded like an American who reads Chuck Palahniuk and Kafka. So... I was screwed.
  2. Checked daily for Lady Gaga's Alejandro's video on Youtube just to discover yesterday that it will only be available after 7th.
  3. Confessed to a friend that I think I will never be too rich for my own comfort. I remember telling him "I'm happy with having just enough to get by".
  4. Had two or three seperate dreams involving housemates. In one dream my housemate was Jeanbasri of Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor.Hmmmm...
  5. Got my Blackberry all figured out and connected. The guy at Maxis referred to my phone as "a very old Blackberry".
  6. Got a party invitation for tomorrow in Sunway. Not too sure if I can make it. Sunway is like the other side of the universe for me, man!
  7. A college kid wrote that he loves my fashion on my Facebook wall. That really made my day.

Song playing inside my head: Robert Francis's Junebug