Welcome Home Baby

My fave necklaces. Remember the cobra?

The Elephant and Topman bracelet I got for cheap last week

These ankle boots hurt my feet like hell. But I love them.

Been quite sometimes since I the last time wrote about myself. Well, y’all know how much I like to talk about myself. Ha-ha! I've spent two consecutive weeks in my hometown. My father was not well and spent a few days in hospital. He’s doing much better now. Thank God.

So I’m back here in the city. There’s no interesting photo to share because I haven’t been out that much. No party and event because it just didn’t feel right to go when my dad is still in hospital. I've got two invitations for this weekend tho’. But now I’m just too broke to even leave the house. Ha-ha!

I decided to toy around with the camera last night and snapped some photos of my fave stuff in my room here. Nothing much but it’s the same room that I’ve been living in since last year. It’s quite small but it's alright.

Bracelets and cuffs and gifts from friends' vacations. Ohh and Happy Meals!

The cuties=)

Parties, concerts and stuff

Batman standing next to an ice-cream

The messy bed

Now we can go to bed.

Song playing inside my head: The Drums' Let's Go Surfing