I Just Wanna

Wearing tee from Cotton On with jeans, necklace, ring and bag from Topman. Boots from Hush Puppies

1. Finish all the books that have been collecting dust on my shelves so that I can start reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' by the time the movie is out at the cinema.

2. Go to all events that I have lined up from today. I don't know... Maybe I'll skipped tonight's party. I don't feel like drinking. The books are waiting remember?!

3. Stop buying all those crazy-ass cheap back-dated magazines. There are 5 stacks in my bedroom still untouched. Man!

4. Plan something for birthday. And that will be in 10 days. Maybe try to get leaner by then. Which is totally impossible. But still worth skipping a meal or two for.

5. Tell students to stop staring at my crotch and ass. I know my pants are tight... but please!

6. Get more sleep and think less of food when I'm at home. And NEVER order take-out from McDonald's. They always mess up my orders. My Happy Meals last week arrived without the Happy toys. I was quite sure I didn't order Unhappy Meals!

7. Stop 'emo-tweeting'. Damn it's like drugs and alcohol! You just can't stop!

Song playing inside my head: Finn and Rachel's Faithfully (Glee)