Mizz Nina Album Launch

This was actually taken after the event. I went straight to KLPAC to support a friend and his band. Will write about it later on. Second outfit: green cardie, Cotton On tee, Topman jeans and belt, Zara denim bag and Bonia lace-up boots

My photographic skill really sucks

I have always had this one song playing at the back of my head and it goes

"Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me want get this party started
Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for"

I found out recently that the song is 'What You Waiting For' by Mizz Nina (of TTC fame) feat. Colby O Donis (of Lady Gaga's Just Dance).

And with the power of media, I found myself a couple of weeks later with a VIP enterance at the album launch party at Zouk KL last Saturday. I have to say that the entire event was quite fabulous (and superbly organized) with the fashion show (would love to feature the designs on Emmagem but still waiting for a press release from her people), cool gifts inside the goodie bag (Mizz Nina headphones), cute backup dancers and all. But the only problem is the lack of booze and cigarette smoke. Well maybe I was the only one=)

While Mizz Nina performed on stage, I overheard a guy who seems to be an insider commenting on how most of the songs from the albums are a little too 'generic' and 'can be bought easily off the shelves of the music stores'.

Well I think the right word here is 'radio-friendly' which is not a bad thing at all. And originality is overrated anyway. But give Mizz Nina a break. She got Colby O to sing with her. He might not be Usher yet but he does have a Top 15 single with 'What U Got' feat Akon.

I just hope that Mizz Nina can take her career further to the next level and then we can talk about Usher.


fallen angel said…
ada je charger ko tu kan.
HNF said…
Not anymore. Now dah ada new battery=)
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HNF said…
Sure. Is it for your website?