The Service

Cardigan:Tommy Hilfiger, Tee:Cotton On, Jeans and belt:Topman, Denim bag:Zara Boat shoes: Mark & Spencers

Spent the weekends with friends. Hitting the malls again and spending waaaay too much on junks that I seriously can do without. C'mon! Who needs 5 of the same ashtrays and 15 bags?!

I'm not too sure which part of weekends should I be writing about. But I was quite happy with all the opportunities presented to me last week. There are a lot of possibilities especially regarding my career which I can’t wait to see taking shape into reality. I just wanna do something more. People have gone to Paris, invited to sit front row at Chanel and lose 50 pounds forgodsake! What have I done with my life?

Nothing much.

I remember how Oprah said once that life is all about offering something and giving your best service to others. I’ve tried that and of course failed miserably. I’m just not a service person. I do help but I don’t think I can make it my living purpose.

So I shop, sometimes with friends but lately I’ve been enjoying my own company. The reason is simple: clothes, shoes and all those other stuff won’t judge me and our relationship is the kind that is so simple. Just like how I can simply take off my shirt at the end of the day and let it sit in the laundry basket for two weeks without even thinking about it.

Now where the fuck is the fucking APC sweater that I wore yesterday?

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Song playing inside my head: Maroon 5's Misery