Basic Space

Wearing tee from Cotton On, old jeans cut into shorts, boatshoes from M&S, rings from Diva and Topman and denim bag from Zara

I've been working on changing the fonts, layout and few other stuff on this site since yesterday. From my office. Very unethical but what the hell..

I prefer things to be simple and almost bare to the minimum. Like the white, grey and basic typewriter-like fonts that I'm using right now. Very Calvin Klein.

But I've also seen all these cute illustrations used on other fashion blogs which I totally adore. I don't know how I will look like in illustration, but I just thought that it is such a cool idea.

Other than that, things have been a little bit slow this week. There's nothing much to look forward to this weekend. But I've been going out a lot for the past few days, although I have to say that sometimes I just want to be at home sleeping or read in my bed.

I will be a year older in less than 3 weeks. It's been 4 years since graduation and I've changed job more than 5 times; which is not something that any future employer will give me thumbs up for. But I guess the best part is I've been writing professionally (if you can call it that) for almost one year now. Although it's nothing like a stint at Vogue or GQ, I'm just happy to be able to share my thoughts and along the way try to shape the way people perceive and think about fashion especially all the men out there.

If people have really been reading my columns every week, they know that it's all about simplicity. And no Crocs, no leather jacket under the blazing hot sun, no fake LVs and always dress right for the occasion.

Ooh! I got a text! There's a party tonight at Passion.

Now what should I wear?!

Song playing inside my head: Drake's Over


yasmin said…

I fortunately stumbled across your blog today. I thought I'd drop in and say that I really like your writings. Refreshingly entertaining.
Fash said…
Hey thx=)U've just made my day.
Unknown said…
anak buah aku jaji ckp seluar kau seksi.