Love and Addiction

In Energie 80s tee and Topman black skinny jeans

In Cotton On tee, Topman jeans, necklaces are from Diva, F21, Topman and vintage

I've been writing rather emotional and vulnerable entries for the past couple of weeks. No particular reason at all. It just that I have been very lazy with the outfit post and I've been wearing pretty much the same thing each time I go out (Cotton On tee, skinny jeans and my canvas bag). I hardly have enough time to dress up properly because I've been late and running around to different places in one day.

And come fasting month, suddenly there's nothing else to do but sit around at home and watch TV.

Everything is still exactly where it was or where it supposed to be. Still doing the same kind of shouting in the classroom. But lately with less mood swings as the kids have been behaving quite well. The writing process still takes place quietly in my cubicle whenever the deadlines are getting closer. Ooh! And this little Blackberry addiction that I have is currently in full swing. It's crazy! I can't go even ten minutes without checking the goddamn phone.

I have a few more things to say. What the hell right? Let's have a list:
  1. Can't wait for Eat Pray Love. But I can't promise I'll be able to finish the book before the premiere here in KL.
  2. Still addicted to crazy-shaped rings. Just got one with green stones similar to MK
  3. Loving Sarah McLachlan's new album. I can go on and on and on about it but I'd rather save it for Emmagem album review.
  4. I should smile more in photos.
  5. I am waaay past the critical age to learn a new language
  6. Forget Prabal Gurung's designs. He has this really sick personal style that I think I just snapped my Missoni pants button!
  7. You do not necessarily have to become friends with friends of a friend on Facebook.
  8. Spent last Sunday at home for the first time. I cleaned, scrubbed, organized and rearranged everything including my thoughts. And the best part? I got to order take-outs at the end of the day

Comment va la vie pour toi cheri?

Song playing inside my head: Missy Elliot's Back In The Day


Memer said…
which B model you're using? BB is indeed addictive!
Anonymous said…
Bila nak buka sama2 lg nih? Jumaat nih aku da cuti merdeka, balik Perak, rindu kat Irman Aramy.
Fash said…
Memer: BB Curve

WanLau: Xtau la. Hahah