Like all these awesome records right here:

+Madonna- Ray of Light: Calm me down after a loooong, difficult day at school

+TLC- CrazySexyCool: I left my pajama buttons undone except for the one in the middle

+Alanis-Jagged Little Pill: I was 12 and Alanis taught me how be angry

+Spice Girls-Spice: I listened to this on my beat-up Walkman under my desk during recess time

+Suede-I listened to their album on my first school trip to KLCC

+Coldplay-Parachute: still one of my fave ever. EVER!

+Fiona Apple-Tidal: a lot of pain here

+Brandy-Full Moon: First crush and ‘Have You Ever’ was on repeat

+Anggun-Snow on The Sahara: Her talent and courage was truly inspiring

+The Verve-Urban Hymns: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character’s walk of shame scene in ‘Cruel Intentions’

+Natalie Imbruglia-Left of The Middle: I was 14 and ‘Torn’ was my theme song

+Lisa Loeb-Tails: I have the cassette playing in my bedroom every night before I go to bed for at least for 3 months because I love ‘Stay’ so much. I sang quietly until I fall asleep

+Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill: the closest it gets to hip-hop in high school.

+Chicago, The Bee Gees: my Dad used to have the vinyl and we’ll listen to it in the living room after he got home from work

+Better Than Ezra- Deluxe: Essential 90s and I feel like a grown up listening ‘Good’

+Smashing Pumkins: Reminded me of the short boy with pale skin who sat in front of me in class

+Destiny’s Child: I honestly thought I was Beyonce

+George Michael-Faith: Sooo gay! But the music is awesome

So tell me what did you listen to growing up?


Anonymous said…
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