Laundry Day

Wearing everything Topman except for the boots from Hush Puppies and canvas bag from Cotton On

I hate doing laundry. I can go up to three weeks without having to do one. It's not that bad because I will end up wearing every single piece of clothing from behind and the bottom of my closet. Just like this plain white tee that I bought a few months back. I found it again last week, shoved underneath all the Gaps and Old Navys with the price tag still attached.

And Gosh last week was major! I spent the Independence Day cooped up in my bedroom researching and getting inspiration for this current project that I'm working on. God knows it wasn't easy. The pressure of meeting the deadline and the thought of saying NO to one whole day of shopping with your best friend. That was tough! But I managed to pull through and survived on take-outs before submitting the finished work on Wednesday.

It might be too early to say this... But friends, I might get published this time around...

(Well after this if I never say a word about it, just consider it off. Rhoooo!)

It's about three days before the end of Ramadhan. I've been so moody, emotional and not to mention clingy especially during the day. As much as I love this holy month and I don't want it to be over, I can't wait to get back to my old routine of strong coffee in the morning, extra-long lunch break at the office, fabulous events and parties as well as other normal things that makes my day simple and ordinary.

Sometimes all you need is the normalcy of life because being ordinary can sometimes be beautiful too.

Song playing inside my head: Lauryn Hill's Ex-Factor


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