Chic That Pops

With Shikin wearing tee and bag from Topman, drop-crotch pants from Seed, high-tops from Vans, shades from M&S and accessories from Topman, Diva, H&M and one bought from one of the vendors.

After a tiny little bit of drama leading our way to TTDI Plaza, we finally arrived at Chic Pop. I was at the first one held at Zouk and I have to say that it was not really my thing. Well tell me how am I supposed to feel standing in front of a table full of ice-cream shaped earrings, lollypop badges and bow headbands?

Chic Pop is not really a guy thing.

Well unless you go with a bunch of girlfriends! Let them do the shopping and while you drop bitchy remarks about other people (including your own friends) here and there. Hahah!

But the most fun part for me at Chic Pop last Saturday was meeting all other fellow writers and readers. I met Rachel who used to write for Emmagem. She's with Seventeen magazine now and she brought along her friend another writer for Men's Health magazine. Joyce was there as well but I didn't say hi. She got a beer in one hand and cigarette in another. Chatted a little bit with Sue Ann of TiC too before leaving.

Oh! And there's this one vendor who sell accessories inspired by Rumi Neely of FashionToast. Her name is Sara and she has this fabulous accessory line called Zikkos. You really should check it out. I stopped by her booth and we gushed over our love for Rumi Neely and her accessories. She even checked out my rings and bracelets!

I think I had about six different rings stacked on my fingers that day.

Oh well...

Song playing inside my head: Cher's Strong Enough