Olay Regenerist and White Radiance Launch

Frumpy frumpy in my Forever 21 cardie, Seed work pants and bag, Gap tee and brown leather shoes

Belinda and Ning with the products

So I almost forgot about this event from two weeks ago. I read about it on Ning's Twitter and decided to go as it will make a great feature for Emmagem and it's always fun to meet Ning Baizura and Belinda Chee again.

I haven't been to that many events since the beginning of the fasting month. So this Olay launch was my first in like almost two months!

I took the train straight to KLCC from my office and I was already one hour late when I got there. But Olay people was kind enough to give me their last product samples and press kit.

Ning took the stage and sang her latest single, which according to my friends "was inspired by Lady Gaga". I'm not too sure about that but I love Ning's music. I just don't think Lady Gaga is the right direction for her. Her rendition of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful was much better with models walking off and on the stage each carrying a bottle of the product.

There was also product demonstration by Belinda earlier on, which I missed. But I was lucky enough to catch up with the two beautiful ladies right after the official launch just to say hi and snap a close up for Emmagem.

As for the products, they are very revolutionary and there was this lady who was the real life testimonial of the product. I'm not too sure how long did she use the products but her skin condition has definitely improved. Didn't even bother to interview her. She was in a circle of press from Malay women magazines.

So if you wanna look as youthful as Ning and as fair as Belinda, go and grab Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging line as well as Olay White Radiance Advance Fairness line.

That's all.

Song playing inside my head: KT Tunstall's Still A Weirdo