Status Updates

The classic tweed jacket

Cropped tux and boots

My fave denim boots

I'm here at home and it's Sunday. Unbelievable. But I woke up too late to even bother about going out in the first place. Plus my story for Emmagem is waaaay behind schedule.

I pulled through and uploaded my review on Chanel Spring 2011 just a couple of hours ago. But there were a couple of men's looks that I had to leave behind as they were not really the focus of the collection. Poor Baptiste Giabiconi... So I put up the photos here for my fellow fashion fellas =) Read the full review HERE

I've just realized that I forgot to write about Olay event a couple of weeks ago. So I'll be doing that later. The feature was published on Emmagem but that version is more about pushing the product, the campaign and basically promotional stuff. Read it HERE

And yesterday I was at TongueInChic's Chic Pop. It was fun despite the crazy heat and I met a lot of other fellow writers and readers. Can't wait to share the experience!

So now please let me shower first. It looks like I'm ordering take-out again tonight...

Song playing inside my head: Duck Sauce's Barbara Streisand