Wearing tee from Cotton On, skinny jeans from Topshop, boots from Hush Puppies, a very old bag, rings from bazaar and watch from Casio

I always believe that I am strong and independent as a person. Well I’ve been through a lot in life and I’m not just trying to be melodramatic here. Come on now! I live alone and take care of myself, running around the city like a mad person every single day and deal with my own emotions without having to share everything with other people. It’s not easy. At all…

I always wanted to go to the city and become a writer. Now after less than one year, I am a writer. I may not be in full force yet and my friends are still sceptical about this whole “contributing for website thing” but I’m getting there . Prabal Gurung thanked me on his Twitter for my mini write up on his personal style last week and one of my article has a direct link from KateLovesMe. And I do receive emails from people who read both Fash-un-able and Emmagem. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you guys. I’m a stronger person because of you.

Song playing inside my head: Kanye West' Runaway


Memer said…
This is just the beginning.
All the best, never give up and don't stop believing in yourself!
Fash said…
Thx for the support =)