Bring On The Day

Right now wearing Hush Puppies boots and Topman jeans

Not really a great day. I woke up late so I skipped work and decided to go and pick up the cheque from this fashion house for some stories that I wrote for their magazine a few months back. So I got there and I told my cab driver to wait but he said he had to run. The lady at the reception was not friendly at all and she made me talk to their HR people and ask about the cheque just to find out later that she had it with her.

And it was almost impossible to get a cab home, I ended up here at this restaurant nearby (thank god for the internet connection) having my lunch.

Not really sure where to go after this. But I know for sure I'm not ready to go home yet.

And I have some photos from MiFW here. It was sooo damn hard to get even a single great shot of the runway. But here are some of the better ones.

One of those wow moments

One of those wtf moments

Jendela KL


Song playing inside my head: Regina Spektor's Eet


kin said…
haha!the pic frm the wtf moment cracks me up