Hermes J'mon carre

Wearing APC sweater, Uniqlo white tee underneath, Topman skinny jeans, Reebok hightops, Diva rings and vintage clutch

I was invited to attend a private party at Hermes Pavilion last Saturday, thanks to TiC. And it was not the usual kind of party with loud music and drink tickets but it was more of a laid back kind with champagne and sea of scarves.

Yeah exactly! All of us at the party got to play dress up with Hermes scarves, which according to my friend cost up to RM 2k!

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The friendly staffs at Hermes first showed us a few different ways of tying and wearing the scarves before letting us tried our hands at it ourselves. We were given a few minutes to wear the scarves in the most creative way possible before prepping up for a mini photo shoot. The most creative use of scarves win a special goodie bag from Hermes. Yay!

Being one out of only three guys at the party, I knew for sure that my chances were pretty slim. So I decided to just have fun with the photoshoot. Hands on the hips, The Blue-Steel poses and all. Hahah!

And in between the draping and tying of scarves, I managed to catch up for a little bit with Sue Ann of TiC and gossip about the happenings in our tiny little fashion circle.

We had a really fun time at the party, mostly for the fact that we were surrounded by Hermes stuff and we got to go crazy with all these gorgeous scarves. Everybody was very friendly and helpful especially people from Hermes.

I just wished that I could take all the gorgeous scarves home with me and have them scattered all over my bedroom floor.

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Song playing inside my head: Massive Attack's Teardrop


Memer said…
Don't you wish they would give every guest one scarf each? hahahaha, that would be awesome!
Fash said…
Hahah. Nah.. They wont do that. The scarves are just too expensive. We do each get a button badge made out of the same silk fabric from the scarves.
Memer said…
Wow,that's so nice of them already. After all, it's Hermes.
Fash said…
Oh! I forgot they gave us perfume. Hahah